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The Standards Aligned System includes content from several outstanding community, cultural, and educational institutions. The keywords below (in italics) can be used in a Materials & Resources search to preview offerings from some of these organizations. Click on these terms to begin searching.

Keyword: BrainPOP
Content Provider: BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., and BrainPOP Español
Description: This keyword accesses animated, curriculum-based video content that spans a variety of subject areas and topics across grades K-12
Keyword: CMOH
Content Provider: Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation
Description: Medal of Honor: Lessons of Personal Bravery and Self-Sacrifice is a resource designed by teachers to provide students with opportunities to explore the important concepts of courage, commitment, sacrifice, patriotism, integrity, and citizenship and how these values can be exemplified in daily life.
Content Provider: PDE/Bureau of Career and Technical Education
Description: T-Charts bridge the gap between CTE and ELA and can be used by both ELA and CTE teachers. Each T-Chart demonstrates how a CTE teacher teaches the concept covered by the PA ELA Core Standard and how an ELA teacher teaches the same concept.
Keyword: EVERFI
Content Provider: EVERFI, Inc.
Description: Financial education is more than being able to add dollars and cents. It’s about building better spending habits, instilling confidence, and equipping the next generation with the skills to pursue big financial goals with minimal risk. EVERFI partners with sponsors nationwide to offer interactive, online financial literacy resources to K-12 schools free of charge.
Keyword: Exploratorium
Content Provider: Exploratorium – The museum of science, art and human perception
Description: This keyword accesses all the content from the Exploratorium museum of science, art, and human perception. These are a series of “low-tech” and “hands-on” science activities that could be classroombased or used in after-school programs
Keyword: Hippocampus
Content Provider: Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE)
Description: The goal of HippoCampus is to provide high-quality, multimedia content on general education subjects to high school and college students free of charge.
Keyword: Karpeles
Content Provider: Dr. David Karpeles
Description: The Karpeles Manuscript Library, the world’s largest private collection of important original documents and manuscripts. This keyword accesses the interactive primary source documents from Dr. David Karpeles’ collection.
Keyword: Kinetic City
Content Provider: Kinetic City
Description: Kinetic City is a production of the American Association for the Advancement of Science with support from the National Science Foundation. This keyword accesses a collection of science experiments, games, and projects for everyone to enjoy both online and away from the computer. The games are designed for students in grades 3-6.
Keyword: Lanternfish
Content Provider: Lanternfish ESL
Description: Lanternfish ESL, formerly Boggles World ESL, is maintained by a group of ESL teachers in Asia and North America. This keyword accesses the instructional content, including worksheets, lesson plans, activities, and flashcards for the ESL and TEFL Teacher
Keyword: LDC
Content Provider: The Literacy Design Collaborative
Description: The Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) develops teaching tasks that require students to read, analyze and comprehend written materials and then write cogent arguments, explanations or narratives in the subjects they are studying. The tasks integrate literacy and content standards in a rigorous, authentic classroom experience.

Click here to access additional nationally rated LDC tasks and modules created by Pennsylvania educators.

Content Provider: PDE/Bureau of Career and Technical Education
Description: T-Charts bridge the gap between CTE and math and can be used by both math and CTE teachers. T-Charts have three components: a T-Chart, a script, and practice problems. Each T-Chart demonstrates how a CTE teacher teaches the concept covered by the PA Math Core Standard and how a math teacher teaches the same concept.
Keyword: mathopenref
Content Provider: Math Open Reference
Description: Math Open Reference is a free interactive math textbook. This keyword accesses the instructional content covering high-school geometry. Using interactive tools and compelling animations, the resources provide an engaging way to learn and explore the subject.
Keyword: MDC
Content Provider: The Mathematics Design Collaborative
Description: The Mathematics Design Collaborative (MDC) provides teachers with formative assessment lessons (FALs) to engage students in a productive struggle that builds fluency with their procedural skills, and deepens mathematical reasoning and understanding.
Keyword: NARA
Content Provider: The National Archives and Records Administration
Description: This keyword accesses the content from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Many of these documents were equipped with an interactive tool for viewing historical documents.
Keyword: NLVM
Content Provider: The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Description: The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM) is a three-year National Science Foundation supported project to develop a library of uniquely interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials, mostly in the form of Java applets, for mathematics instruction (K-8 emphasis). The project includes dissemination and extensive internal and external evaluation. This keyword accesses the interactive math manipulatives from the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics.
Keyword: PHET
Content Provider: The Physics Education Technology (PhET) project at the University of Colorado
Description: This keyword accesses the science simulations from the PhET project which includes fun, interactive simulations of physical phenomena that make bridges to the real world.
Keyword: PHMC
Content Provider: The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Description: This keyword accesses resources from the PHMC, which is the official history agent of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Created in 1945, the agency is responsible for the collection, conservation, and interpretation of Pennsylvania’s historic heritage.
Keyword: Shodor
Content Provider: The Shodor Foundation
Description: The Shodor Foundation is a non-profit research and education organization dedicated to the advancement of science and math education, specifically through the use of modeling and simulation technologies. This keyword accesses the interactive math manipulatives from the Shodor Foundation.
Keyword: Simcoach
Content Provider: Simcoach©
Description: The Simcoach® games are designed to interactively engage players in content for career awareness and exploration, readiness, soft skills, skill building, or even assessment. The games are designed to be active learning experiences - promoting goals, participation, trial and error, practice, skill building, feedback, and consequences. In practice, knowledge is used immediately, cementing each new idea through application. Subsequently, the games provide clear and relevant feedback and consequences – making progress visible while keeping players accountable
Keyword: Starfall
Content Provider: Starfall
Description: These keywords access web-based games and printer friendly activities that help prepare students to read and inspire a love of reading and writing.
Content Provider: The Vietnam Veteran Experience
Description: The U.S. Vietnam War Commemoration is a national anniversary commemoration authorized by Congress, established under the Secretary of Defense and launched by President Barack Obama in 2012 consisting of four branches. The History and Legacy Branch has provided these materials to help the American public better understand and appreciate the service of U.S. Vietnam veterans and the history of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.
Keyword: VNEP
Content Provider: Veterans National Education Program
Description: The Veterans National Education Program is committed to assisting educators in teaching U.S. modern history through the understanding of the humanistic and cultural aspects of America’s military conflicts and how they have influenced the fabric of our global society.
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