Algebra 1 Resources

A special thanks to the PA LEADS districts, and particularly the School District of Haverford Township, for initiating the Algebra 1 Resource page and for contributing to the contents. Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments that were developed to measure a student’s level of proficiency in core subjects, such as Algebra I, Biology and Literature. This page contains Algebra 1 materials that align with the Keystone Exam, providing instructional content for educators and subject-specific activities that students can use to prepare for the assessment.

Keystone Exams are built using a module format, wherein the Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content are organized into two thematic modules. Select a Module below to begin exploring the resources.

  • - Lesson/Unit Plan
  • - Instructional Content
  • - Educational Resources
  • - Assessment
  • - Videos
  • - Web-Based Content
  • - PA Educator Created Content
  • - Safe Schools Resource
Eligible Content Educator Resources Student Resources Sample Assessments
A1. Write, solve, and/or apply a linear equation (including problem situations).
A1. Write and/or solve a system of linear equations (including problem situations) using graphing, substitution, and/or elimination. Note: Limit systems to two linear equations.
A1. Interpret solutions to problems in the context of the problem situation. Note: Limit systems to two linear equations.
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