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Downloadable Publication “The Heart of Learning and Teaching Compassion, Resilience, and Academic Success”

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Kindergarten , 1st Grade , 2nd Grade , 3rd Grade , 4th Grade , 5th Grade , 6th Grade , 7th Grade , 8th Grade , 9th Grade , 10th Grade , 11th Grade , 12th Grade


This handbook will provide up-to-date information on the issues of developmental trauma, resilience, and compassion impacting students in today’s classrooms, and was posted on the OSPI web site in September 2009 as a free resource for those interested. In response to critical student needs, comes The Heart of Learning and Teaching: Compassion, Resilience, and Academic Success which describes the collective efforts necessary to help students overcome trauma, demonstrate resilience, and succeed physically, emotionally, socially, and academically in the school setting. Each chapter contains a list of working definitions, life examples from school-community members working compassionately on the front line, and practical, applicable content information with references for learning more. Topics Include: • Trauma, Compassion, and Resilience Background and Definitions • Self-Care: An Ethical Obligation for Those Who Care • Instructional Principles, Curricular Domains and Specific Strategies for Compassionate Classrooms • Building Compassionate School-Community Partnerships That Work • Examples of Compassion, Resiliency, and Academic Success Direct From the Field • Resources


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